Form Meets Freedom
with NuTeak Synthetic Teak Decking

35+ years of unsurpassed quality and service

NuTeak gives your boat flooring the unmistakable look of real teak with unmatched durability and ease of maintenance

When it comes to giving your boat that touch of elegance and luxury, nothing beats the look of teak decking. Unfortunately, costly and laborious maintenance along with routine upkeep make real teak wood flooring both expensive and difficult to care for.

That’s why boat owners in the know choose NuTeak. No other synthetic marine decking product can match NuTeak for creating the rich look and feel of real teak. The beautiful color and comfortable, no-slip surface is famous for its natural beautiful looks and long-lasting durability.

Before NuTeak
NuTeak Before picture
After NuTeak
NuTeak After picture

Maintenance is a breeze with NuTeak, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or withstand pressure washing. So durable that it will not crack, split, peel or fade, NuTeak can also be sanded without damaging its finish. Infinitely adaptable, NuTeak can be customized to fit any surface, no matter what its shape, so that you can install it anywhere (and everywhere) on your boat.

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Finally, there is a synthetic decking option that gives you the rich look of real teak while fitting with your lifestyle. With NuTeak, you can say goodbye to hours of difficult and labor intensive maintenance and get back to enjoying your boat.

Enrich the beauty of your boat with the rich look of real teak

No other synthetic marine flooring product can beat the deep color and finish of NuTeak — it really does look just like real teak.

Maintenance is no longer a chore with NuTeak

No need to worry about stains nicks or scratches on your decking. NuTeak is easily cleaned and can even be pressure-washed or sanded.

Where Beauty Meets Safety

NuTeak is designed to be non-slip and non-skid whether wet or dry, combining great-looking decking with a surface that is safe under any conditions.

Key Benefits of NuTeak

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Fully UV-Stabilized

Non-Slip Wet or Dry



Can be Pressure Washed

Costs Less than Teak

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