Ship Services

35+ years of unsurpassed quality and service

Air-Sea provides immediate ship services to ensure your vessel is compliant and safe.
Life Raft Inspections & Rental Life Rafts

Air-Sea is approved by the USCG and all major class societies to provide annual service and inspection of life rafts. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures timely service and zero vessel delays.

Life Jacket / Life Vest Inspections

Air-Sea offers inspection, pressure testing and servicing of inflatable life jackets. Certificates of annual inspection for personal flotation devices provided.

EPIRB & SART Shore Based Maintenance

Air-Sea offers shore based maintenance for EPIRBS (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacons) and SARTS (Search and Rescue Transponders). Services available include battery replacement, reprogramming, hydrostatic release replacement and signal verification.

Immersion Suit Inspection & Leak Testing

Air-Sea has multiple immersion suit inflation leak testing systems and large drying racks to ensure fast reliable service. 3-year inflation leak testing ensures suits are seaworthy and maintains compliance. Air-Sea can repair and/or replace immersion suits.

FFE Fixed Fire Equipment Inspections

Air-Sea offers on board inspections of fixed fire suppression systems. FFE service ranges from single cylinder pre-engineered systems to multi-cylinder ship bank systems. Air-Sea utilizes the latest technology to provide in depth cost effective inspections.

Fire Extinguishers / Portables Inspection

Air-Sea offers both on board or in-house servicing and inspection of all portable and hand-held fire extinguishers. Services include annual inspections, 6 year maintenance, hydrostatic testing, recharging and conductivity testing.

SCBA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Inspections

Air-Sea offers on board inspections and function verification of SCBAs. Flow testing, recharging and hydrostatic testing are also available.

EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Device Inspection

Air-Sea offers on board inspections and function verification of EEBDs. Recharging and hydrostatic testing is also available.

Fire Alarms / Detection Systems Inspection

Air-Sea offers on board inspections and testing of Fire Alarms and detection systems. This includes heat detectors, smoke detectors and flame detectors.

Rescue Boat Survey

Air-Sea offers in depth surveys and repairs of SOLAS inflatable rescue boats. Service includes equipment check, engine service & function test, load testing and pressure testing of chambers.

Life Boat Supplies

Air-Sea can provide all required replacement items as needed for condition or dated replacement. Both Lifeboat and rescue boat supplies available.

Hydrostatic Testing

Air-Sea provides hydrostatic testing for high and low-pressure cylinders, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, SCBAs, EEBDs and scuba tanks.

Air Quality Analysis

Air-Sea offers on board sampling of the vessel’s recharging compressor. All samples tested come with a certificate of results to verify cleanliness and purity for crew members and class surveyors.

Self-Righting Device Inspections

Air-Sea offers self-righting device inspection, testing and maintenance. Air-Sea can make, and repairs needed to ensure the system and bladder are in operational condition. We also provide complete replacement systems.


Air-Sea offers USCG and SOLAS approved parachute flares, smoke flares, hand held flares, 15-minute man overboard smokes, line throwing devices, line throwing replacement rockets, buoy smokes and complete ships bridge distress kits.

24 hr

Air-Sea is available 24-7 for vessel serving and emergencies. Air-Sea’s service team knows customers rely on immediate response to maintain their vessel’s operation with zero delay. 24-hour dockside pick-up and delivery for all services and supplies are available.

Class Approvals

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