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Air-Sea Safety has over 35 years’ experience in inflation leak testing, repair, and service on immersion suits, ice rescue suits, anti-exposure suits, chemical suits, and transportation suits.

Inflation Leak Testing

Air-Sea has been inflation leak testing suits well before any mandated requirements. The only way to know if your immersion suits or anti exposure suits are leak free is to inflation leak test them. This ensures no water molecules have the potential or capability to enter the suit, putting the person inside at risk for exposure.

Air-Sea has multiple immersion suit inflation leak testing systems and large drying racks to ensure fast reliable service. 3-year inflation leak testing ensures suits are seaworthy and maintains compliance for most maritime authorities.

Viking Immersion Suit Inflated
Inflated Viking Immersion Suit

Air-Sea can also make repairs to immersion suits, if found defective. To properly inspect a suit requires a substantial amount of water; therefore, onboard inspections are not possible. Efficient and proper inflation leak testing requires state-of-the art equipment at a facility designed to dry suits in an expedient manner.

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All repair and inspection personnel are trained and certified individually by each manufacturer. Dock side pick up and delivery available.

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