Air-Sea Safety Fire Service & Inspection

35+ years of unsurpassed quality and service

Air-Sea Safety & Survival provides service and maintenance for all of your fire detection, suppression, extinguisher, and breathing apparatus equipment needs.

Fixed Fire Systems

Air-Sea offers onboard inspections for fixed fire suppression systems ranging from single cylinder pre-engineered systems to multi cylinder ship bank systems. Inspected components include discharge nozzles, warning and discharge lights, control panels, automatic detection devices, all piping, manual discharge / pull stations, storage cylinders and extinguishing agent levels.

Our experienced technicians will provide the proper maintenance to ensure the reliability of your system. For inspections of large systems, Air-Sea utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology in liquid level indicating to provide efficient, in depth and cost-effective inspections.


Clean Agent

Water Mist


Galley Wet Chemical

Portables / Fire Extinguishers

Air-Sea offers both on site or in-house servicing and inspection of all portable and hand-held fire extinguishers. Services include annual inspections, 6 years maintenance, hydrostatic testing, recharging and conductivity testing.

Dry Chemical

Wet Chemical


AFFF / Foam

Fire Alarms / Detection Systems

Air-Sea offers on board inspections and testing of Fire Alarms and detection systems. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have carbon monoxide detectors on board to ensure your safety and the safety of your guest. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Having marine grade detectors on board is a must.




Carbon Monoxide




BAs / Breathing Air

Air-Sea offers on board inspections and function verification of SCBAs. Flow testing, Recharging and hydrostatic testing are also available.

Diving Equipment



Air Quality Analysis

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