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35+ years of unsurpassed quality and service

Air-Sea Safety has over 35 years of experience in life raft inspection, testing and repacking.  Life raft servicing is our speciality.  Dock side pick up and delivery available 24/7.
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Recreational Life Raft Service and Inspection

Air-Sea Safety Life Raft Service & Inspection

Servicing a life raft is no place for amateur or improvised solutions. With a large state-of-the-art approved repair facility, Air-Sea can provide the level of quality inspection and service that you can depend on. Our services are approved by all major maritime authorities including the USCG, ABS, Lloyds, DMV, NK and BV.

Air-Sea Safety requires that all marine safety personnel are regularly trained and certified to follow each specific manufacturer’s service procedures. As a result, we are authorized to service all major brands of life rafts and inflatable crafts.

Air-Sea offers convenient dock side pickup and delivery.

Why Servicing Your Life Raft is Important

A life raft is one of the most vital pieces of safety equipment on board a vessel. It has been designed, tested, and approved to save your life in the event one must abandon ship. The only way to ensure that your life raft is in exceptional condition and ready for deployment is to have it inspected. Inspections ensure that your life raft will perform and operate as designed. Inspections and service are the only way to combat the wide range of elements the life raft is subject to each year that accelerate the natural aging process of the life raft and its components. By inspecting your life raft, you will increase the life expectancy of the unit and most importantly restore your confidence while on open waters.

Air-Sea’s Commitment

One step into Air-Sea’s facility will demonstrate the level of care everyone on our team has. Our favorite attribute is the fact that we at Air-Sea like spending time out on the ocean as much as possible. Our 35 plus years of hands on life raft experience provides us with the know-how and knowledge for proper care and inspection for life rafts. Our experience and time on the ocean provides us with the respect needed to care for a fellow sailors’ LIFE raft.

The ocean is a wonderful place and we feel passionate about making sure any person’s time on it, whether for pleasure or for a living, never results in loss of life. We treat every unit that leaves our facility as if we were going out to deploy it for our own families. If you want to know the ends and outs of life rafts, talk with us. One conversation will demonstrate what has made Air-Sea one of the best life raft shops in the world.

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