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Switlik MRP-10 Marine Rescue Platform


The SWITLIK MRP-10 Marine Rescue Platform is an ideal product for getting multiple people to safety in a marine emergency. The quickly deployed and easy to board MRP-10 aids in getting large groups of distressed victims safely out of the water or down off a boat as quickly as possible.

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Switlik MRP-10 Marine Rescue Platform

Standard Features
100% Reversible with dual Chamber Reversible Configuration
Heat Sealed Urethane Coated Nylon Buoyancy Chambers
Manual Topping Off Valve & Pressure relief valves
Lifelines (inner & outer)
Standard Equipment
Waterproof Flashlight
Manual Inflation Pump
Repair Clamps (2 ea.)
Floating Knife
Utility Bag
Heaving Ring and Line
Water Activated Exterior Locator Lights (2 ea.)
Sea Anchor (automatically deployed)
Painter/Static Line (length, 25 ft.)

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