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ORCA Hypalon Adhesive


This glue developed especially for the bonding of Neoprene and Neoprene Hypalon water resistant materials, as used for inflatable dinghies. It also serves as a suitable bonding agent for various types of rubber composites, such as SBR and Neoprene/metal. When applying this glue, add 5% to 10% DESMODUR RFE or ORCA® HARDENER RFE according to the amount of ORCA® GLUE used. From 10 liters of mixed product, it is possible to improve the pot life of the adhesive reducing the quantity of hardener to 5% in volume only.


Preparation of surfaces : Rub-down by using fine emery paper Inflatable boats and clean surfaces by using NR SOLVENT. Then, apply ORCA® GLUE immediately maximum 1 hour after buffing. Rubber/metal compounds: rub-down the surfaces and clean surfaces.
Gluing :
Firstly, add an appropriate amount of DESMODUR (5% to 10% of total volume) to the glue and stir until fully mixed. Then, using a suitable paint brush, apply two coats of glue to both surfaces
COAT 1: Leave to dry for 10 minutes COAT 2: 15 minutes according to room temperature and type
material OPEN TIME: 30 minutes to 1 hour maximum according to room
temperature and relative humidity. Do not exceed 70%