Air-Sea Safety Services

35+ years of unsurpassed quality and service

Life Raft Inspection & Service

Air-Sea has over 35 years’ experience in life raft testing, service and repacking. With a large state-of-the-art approved repair facility, Air-Sea can provide the level of quality inspection and service that you can depend on.


Air-Sea offers EPIRB and PLB battery replacement, reprogramming, hydrostatic release replacement and signal verification.


Air-Sea offers on board inspection and service for all types of vessel fire equipment. Our services include fixed systems inspections, water mist inspections, clean agents, CO2, Detection Equipment, Foam, Portables, SCBAs and EEBDs.

Inflatable Boat

Air-Sea offers full inspection services for all types of recreational and rescue/commercial grade inflatable boats.

MOM Man Overboard Module

Air-Sea offers Man Overboard Module inspection and testing. All service components and parts are kept available.

Immersion Suits

Air-Sea offers immersion and survival suit inflation leak testing. Our multiple inflation leak testing systems and large drying racks ensure fast reliable service.

Life Jackets

Air-Sea offers inspection, pressure testing and servicing of inflatable life jackets. All components and recharge cylinders are available.

Ship Services

Air-Sea provides a wide variety of immediate ship services to ensure your vessel is compliant and safe.

Air-Sea Safety has over 35 years’ experience in the Maritime Safety business.  Our inspection and repair services ensure every vessel and piece of safety gear is in optimal operational condition.  Most importantly, ready to save you or your crew’s life if needed.

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